GeekFest Berlin 2016

Jim Warren | Educator, Computer Professional, Entrepreneur, Publisher

Liza Loop | Co-founder of LO*OP Center, Educational Technology Pioneer

Richard Stallman aka RMS | Founder of Free Software Foundation and GNU Project

Mark Abene aka Phiber Optik | Entrepreneur, Security Advisor and Data Scientist

Wietse Venema | Author of TCP Wrapper, Postfix and CoAuthor of SATAN

Reuben Paul aka RAPst4r | CEO of Prudent Games and

Weston Hecker | Sr Pentester/ Senior Security Engineer @Rapid7

Karsten Nohl | Chief Security Researcher at Security Research Labs

Roy Nordblom | Artificial Intelligence Programming Wizard

Kit Galloway | Culture Hacker and Telecollaborative Artist

Jay Smith | Father of the Vectrex Game Console

Gerry Karr | Vectrex Developer and Programmer Team

Click here for the GeekFest Berlin 2016 recordings

GeekFest Berlin 2015

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