Panel 5 | Homebrew Computer Club and Beyond

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      GeekFestBerlin-GF15.5 - Panel 5 | Homebrew Computer Club and Beyond


Lee Felsenstein | Homebrew Computer Club Co-Founder

Lee Felsenstein is recognized as a pioneer in both the design of early personal computers and in the formation of the personal computer industry from a hobbyist pastime. The legendary Homebrew Computer Club (1975-86) of Silicon Valley was instrumental in the formation of 23 of the original personal computer companies, largely due to the open meeting process developed by Mr. Felsenstein. He designed the first complete personal computer incorporating video display, and the first commercially successful portable computer. Mr. Felsenstein has operated his own electronics design company and spent 8 years working for Interval Research Corporation. He is a Laureate of the Tech Museum of Innovation for his work on sustainable information and communication systems for the developing world, and has been awarded the Pioneer of the Electronic Frontier award of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. He received his Bachelor´s degree in Electrical Engineering in 1972 from the University of California at Berkeley.

Dan Sokol | First Software Pirate

Dan was one of the early members of the Homebrew Computer Club. He was at the very first meeting in Gorden French’s garage. Dan is the worlds first software pirate – he distributed copies of MITS Basic on paper tape at Homebrew Computer Club in 1975. Listen also to the First Software Pirates | ARPANET Hacking Panel.

Hosts: John “Captain Crunch” Draper and Oliver Soehlke

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