Panel 4 | First Software Pirates | ARPANET Hacking

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      GeekFestBerlin-GF15.4 - Panel 4 | First Software Pirates | ARPANET Hacking


Roy Nordblom | First ARPANET Hacker and AI Mastermind

Edwards AFB astronaut training school early analog devices Stanford University Artificial Intelligence L.O.T.S. (Low Overhead Timesharing System) Heuristic Programming Project  DENDRAL  Expert Systems Homebrew Computer Club ARPANET hacking march 1977 SUMEX-AIM  MOLGEN recombinant DNA requencing algorithms SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center  visual AI XEROX-PARC MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory  launch GNU Project  LISP Machines launch Free Software Foundation  “hacker not cracker”  #68 on the very first WHOIS list  Stanford U (again) 1991 BS Symbolic Systems “Brain-Style Computation” connectionism, parallel distributed programming  “neural network synergies” “EthicalAI” Open Source  became anonymous in 1990’s, changed name, and disappeared until  “discovered/outed” by Captain Crunch December 2011. Listen also to the Apple Com. Inc – TWX Hacking – NASA – Smart Homes Panel.

Dan Sokol | First Software Pirate

I was one of the early members of the Homebrew Computer Club. I was at the very first meeting in Gorden French’s garage. I am the worlds first software pirate – I distributed copies of MITS Basic on paper tape at Homebrew Computer Club in 1975.
Listen also to the Homebrew Computer Club and Beyond Panel.

Hosts: John “Captain Crunch” Draper and Oliver Soehlke

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