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      GeekFestBerlin-GF15.3 - Panel 3 | Apple Com. Inc | TWX Hacking | NASA | Smart Homes


Daniel Kottke | Apple ][ and Macintosh Developer Team

Daniel stated in an interview with KQED/PBS that both he and Jobs’ sister Patty (who was also assembling boards while watching TV) were the first part-time employees of Apple, while Bill Fernandez was the first full-time employee. In 1977, after graduating from Columbia, Daniel joined Apple as full-time employee #12. It was at that time that Jobs, Kottke, and Jobs’ girlfriend Chrisann Brennan shared a house near the Apple office in Cupertino. He spent an additional eight years with Apple debugging Apple II printed circuit boards and building Apple III and Macintosh prototypes as well as working on the design for the Macintosh keyboard. The Apple II gained a sizable amount of popularity, eventually becoming one of the best selling personal computers of the 1970s and early 1980s. Daniel was also one of the original members of the Macintosh development team and his signature can be found embossed on the internal wall of early production Macintosh computers.

The Cheshire Catalyst | First TWX Hacker

“He’s just this guy, you know?” – When people ask The Cheshire Catalyst, “What’s your real name?”, he tells them “Richard Cheshire”. Many people walk away at that point happy to know “The Secret”, because they’ve been trained by TV, comic books, and the movies (though not necessarily in that order). Cheshire is the “Public Person” in the Hacker World. “Ozzie” is the private person who was vice president of his local Ham Radio club, worked a couple of jobs to make ends meet, and is generally (though he hates to admit it) a pretty nice guy. When he saw that the number “321” was “Available For Geographic Relief”, Ozzie immediately realized that this was the Area Code for the Countdown Capitol of the World, and prepared his testimony before a hearing of the Florida Public Service Commission. He had searched the database of the NANPA for all the available area codes, and he recommended that we implement the “321” area code to signify the countdown, fitting for Brevard County, where the Kennedy Space Center is located and commonly known as “the Space Coast”.

Roy Nordblom  |  First ARPANET Hacker

Edwards AFB astronaut training school early analog devices Stanford University Artificial Intelligence L.O.T.S. (Low Overhead Timesharing System) Heuristic Programming Project  DENDRAL  Expert Systems Homebrew Computer Club ARPANET hacking march 1977 SUMEX-AIM  MOLGEN recombinant DNA requencing algorithms SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center  visual AI XEROX-PARC MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory  launch GNU Project  LISP Machines launch Free Software Foundation  “hacker not cracker”  #68 on the very first WHOIS list  Stanford U (again) 1991 BS Symbolic Systems “Brain-Style Computation” connectionism, parallel distributed programming  “neural network synergies” “EthicalAI” Open Source became anonymous in 1990’s, changed name, and disappeared …………………………………….…. until  “discovered/outed” by Captain Crunch December 2011.

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Hosts: John “Captain Crunch” Draper and Oliver Soehlke

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