Panel 2 | Apple ][ and Macintosh Development


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      GeekFestBerlin-GF15.2 - Panel 2 | Apple II and Macintosh Development


Andy Hertzfeld | Apple ][ and Macintosh Developer Team

Andy purchased an Apple II in January 1978, which quickly took over his life, leading him to start working at Apple in August 1979. He joined the nascent Macintosh team in February 1981, and became one of the main authors of the original Macintosh system software, including the User Interface Toolbox and many of the original desk accessories. He left Apple in March 1984, and went on to co-found three companies: ¬†Radius (1986), General Magic (1990) and Eazel (1999). In 2003, he developed a web-based system for collective storytelling, and used it to write anecdotes about the development of the Mac, which were collected in the book “Revolution in the Valley”, published in December 2004. In August 2005, he joined Google and worked there until he retired in 2013.

Randy Wigginton | Apple ][ and Macintosh Developer Team

Randy’s obsession with computers began before the majority of Square’s were even born – way back in 1974. Since computers were tough to come by in the 70’s, Randy joined the Silicon Valley-based Homebrew Computer Club – an informal group to learn more about computers, share tips and trade electronic parts. At age 14, young Randy wasn’t yet old enough to drive himself to the Homebrew meetings and another member of the group, Steve Wozniak offered him a lift. In 1977, at the urging of his carpool buddy, Randy joined a new company called Apple Computer as their first software engineer and employee #6. ¬†While at Apple, Randy wrote MacWrite, the world’s first WYSIWYG word processor, for the launch of the Macintosh in 1984. Randy’s career spans many of Silicon Valley’s most notable companies such as E*TRADE, Ebay, Google and Square.

Special Guest: Roy Kaylor | Electric Car Pioneer

Roy owns 153.45 acres. Over 150 acres are the Kaylor MicroBasin Wildlife and Wilderness Preserve. The approximately 3 acres had buildings and assets associated with Kaylor Energy Products; including the preprototype of the Toyota Prius and a SF Muni bus converted to a lab where the power supply for your computer, the insides of the battery for your car, the main power supply for Voyager (V-GER), and sattelite power supplies were designed. Also residue from producing over 1250 electric and hybrid vehicle conversion kits as well as lots of inventions to better the world. Redwood Roy.

Hosts: John “Captain Crunch” Draper and Oliver Soehlke

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