GeekFest 2016 Berlin | Sponsoring

Get Your Brand Noticed

Being featured on the posters of the event with your logo, on the event’s website and having an item in the gift bags are all great ways to leverage your sponsorship and get brand recognition.

  • Placement of sponsoring organization’s logo at the bottom of the homepage, posters, and on conference title slides of GeekFest 2016
  • Inclusion in a statement of thanks at the opening and closing of GeekFest 2016
  • Table and space provided for sponsoring organization’s collateral throughout the two days of the GeekFest 2016
  • Three free conference registrations for GeekFest 2016

Level of support: 600 Euro. This is more than a marketing play. It’s about creating experiences that will resonate long after your brand strikes its activations. To learn more about the GeekFest Berlin and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.

GeekFest 2016 Berlin is supported by



 and friends…


Berliners, you can help us with the following

  • Geeks that hand out our flyers and posters in Berlin
  • 40/60 chairs for two evenings in September 2016 (including transport in Berlin)
  • PA system with two or four speakers, audio mixer and three microphones
  • Two or three HD video cams with tripods
  • One or two video beamer

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